Top Graduation Picture Frames of 2024

As graduation season approaches, we understand the importance of preserving memories from this significant milestone. Our selection of the best graduation picture frames for 2024 includes a variety of styles and features to display your achievements with pride. Whether you’re seeking a classic look or something with a modern twist, we have found frames that will suit any preference and decor. Here are our top picks to help you showcase that proud moment for years to come.

Then and Now Frame

We think this graduation frame is a worthwhile purchase for its timeless design and the special way it captures graduate memories.


  • Enhances home décor with its elegant black color and modern design
  • Accommodates two 4×6 inch photos, ideal for ‘then and now’ comparisons
  • Crafted from quality wood, ensuring durability and longevity


  • Only available in one color, which may not suit all preferences
  • Limited to two photo slots, which might not be enough for some
  • Manual measurement errors possible, affecting fitting precision

After setting this frame up, the room takes on a new warmth. The black wood material contrasts beautifully with graduation photos, giving them a dignified appearance. The phrases ‘Our Graduate’ and ‘Then and Now’ etched onto the frame add a heartfelt touch, clearly meant to celebrate the graduate’s journey. On a desk or a wall, it stands out, yet it doesn’t clash with the rest of the decor due to its sleek, contemporary style.

The process of inserting photos into the frame was straightforward. We appreciated that there was no struggle or need for additional tools, which made it feel like the creators had our convenience in mind. Holding it in our hands, the frame felt solid, a hallmark of good craftsmanship. It gave us confidence that it would last for years, allowing the graduate to reminisce about their milestone long into the future.

As we planned a graduation celebration, this frame served as more than just a holder of memories. It became a focal point of the party décor, effortlessly catching the attention of guests. Despite its singular color option, the black hue rendered it versatile enough to blend with any party theme. And while some might find the two-photo limit restrictive, for us it symbolized the transformation from past to future, which felt just right for a graduation keepsake.

Capoda Grad Frame

We think the Capoda Graduation Picture Frame is a creative way to cherish graduation memories, offering both customization and a touch of elegance to your decor.


  • Customization with paint marker and grad hat adds a personal touch.
  • Wood material gives a quality, sturdy feel.
  • Compact size makes it versatile for various display options.


  • The size might be smaller than expected for some.
  • Attaching the mini grad hat securely can be tricky.
  • The oval photo area could be restrictive for certain picture sizes.

The Capoda Graduation Picture Frame added a unique charm to our celebration. The wooden material felt solid in our hands, and the frame itself became an instant conversation piece on the mantle. Decorating with the white ink marker was straightforward, allowing us to inscribe heartfelt messages around our graduation photo.

Having a designated space to place the mini graduation hat was a delightful detail, although it took us a few tries to secure it firmly. The frame’s overall appearance with the bold 2024 cutout was eye-catching, standing out amidst the sea of traditional graduation keepsakes.

Displaying our picture within the oval cutout was a snug fit, and although it highlighted our proudest moment perfectly, friends with larger or oddly-shaped photos mentioned a bit of a struggle. In our experience, the frame’s polished finish complemented our decor beautifully, regardless of whether we chose to hang it on the wall or let it adorn a table.

PETCEE Class of 2024 Frame

For those seeking a keepsake of their academic milestone, this frame offers a memorable way to display graduation glory.


  • Brings a personal touch to graduation mementos with its celebratory inscriptions.
  • Usefulness and versatility with its folding easel make it an easy addition to any tabletop.
  • Simple design ensures the graduate’s photograph takes center stage.


  • Limited photo size might not accommodate larger prints.
  • The wood finish may not appeal to everyone’s taste.
  • A small number of reviews mention quality concerns that could indicate inconsistent craftsmanship.

Placing our graduate’s photo into the PETCEE graduation frame truly captures the essence of their achievement. The frame’s joyful message, “You did it class of 2024,” harkens to the pomp and circumstance of their significant day, showcasing our pride in a stylish, yet simple manner. With a modest footprint, it’s an ideal fit for desks or shelves that are already busy with books and other college memorabilia.

Our experience with the folding easel was quite practical, providing stability on various surfaces. It’s refreshing to have decor that is as functional as it is sentimental. Changing out photos, should the need arise, was a breeze thanks to the flexible tabs at the back.

While we enjoyed the understated elegance of the wood design, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Also worth considering is the commitment to a single photo size, which could limit your display options. Make sure to curate your memories knowing this frame’s dimension constraints. Despite these minor points, we were pleased to add this frame to our collection of keepsakes.

GraduationMall Mahogany Frame

We think this frame is a solid choice for its professional look and ease of use, providing a stately display for your hard-earned diploma.


  • Offers a professional and elegant design
  • Includes a tassel holder, which adds a sentimental touch
  • Robust packaging ensures the frame arrives in perfect condition


  • The price point may be higher than some other options available
  • Requires careful handling due to the real glass cover
  • Limited to wall mounting, which may not suit everyone’s preferences

Having recently handled the GraduationMall Mahogany Frame, we were quite impressed by its sturdiness and the warmth the red wood grain finish adds to the room. The frame envelops the diploma in a grandeur that seems fit to celebrate such an important milestone. And the tassel holder? It’s a charming addition, allowing us to incorporate that token of accomplishment directly into the display.

Upon receiving the frame, we appreciated the meticulous packaging. Ensuring the real glass arrived intact is a testament to the care GraduationMall puts into their products. Mounting the frame was straightforward; the included hardware and moisture-proof MDF backboard made it a breeze.

One thing to note is the semi-gloss finish — not only does it contribute to the frame’s professional appearance, but it also avoids being overly shiny, which we find to be a tasteful balance. After hanging the frame on the wall, the built-in black over gold mats elegantly highlighted the diploma, and the overall look certainly made us feel proud of our academic achievements.

GMFrames Cherry Finish Frame

We recommend this frame for anyone looking to elegantly showcase their achievements with a touch of traditional style.


  • Robust wooden build with high-definition UV protection acrylic
  • Versatile display options for wall or tabletop
  • Exquisite design adds a sophisticated touch to any interior


  • The attached stand may be troublesome for wall mounting
  • Not equipped with real glass, which might be a preference for some
  • Slightly weighty, which requires secure mounting to avoid tilting

The moment I held the GMFrames Cherry Finish Frame, its sturdy construction was clear. The solid wood with its semi-gloss cherry finish felt robust and the intricate black rope detailing around the edges gave it a distinguished look. The high-definition, UV-protected acrylic front presented no worries about fading or dust, ensuring that the achievements it protected would remain in prime condition for years to come.

Displaying the frame was a breeze. Whether I wanted it on my office wall or resting on the bookshelf, the choice was mine. The frame could be configured to showcase certificates both with and without the mat, catering to different document sizes, which was especially convenient.

However, it’s worth noting that the attached easel stand, while useful for tabletop display, did cause a bit of a balancing act when hung on the wall. Removal wasn’t straightforward, and if wall mounting is the goal, it might take an extra minute to set it up just right. The absence of real glass wasn’t noticeable once the frame was up, the clear acrylic doing an admirable job of mimicking its look while also being safer in case of falls. That said, some might prefer the traditional glass front for that classic touch.

Overall, the GMFrames Cherry Finish Frame made my diploma look more prestigious and was a complement to the room’s decor. Despite the couple of minor drawbacks, which were easy to overlook, the frame served its purpose beautifully and even exceeded expectations.

Buying Guide

When we look for a graduation picture frame to commemorate someone’s 2024 academic achievement, several features are important to consider to ensure we select the best product for our needs.

Material Quality

First and foremost, we examine the material of the frame. Our options often include wood, metal, and acrylic — each with its own set of advantages.

  • Wood frames offer a classic look and are sturdy.
  • Metal frames can be sleek and modern.
  • Acrylic frames offer a lightweight and often more affordable option.

Size and Display

The size of the frame must fit our graduation photo. Standard photo sizes include 4×6, 5×7, and 8×10 inches.

Photo SizeFrame Size
4×6 inches4×6 frames
5×7 inches5×7 frames
8×10 inches8×10 frames

In terms of display, we check if the frame comes with hanging hardware or a stand, so we can either mount it on our wall or place it on a surface.

Design and Personalization

Graduation frames vary in design, from minimalist to ornate. We think about our or the recipient’s taste and the surrounding décor. Additionally, we should check if there is an option for personalization, like adding a name or graduation year, to make it more special.

Protective Features

Lastly, we look for frames with protective features like UV-resistant glass or acrylic to prevent the photo from fading over time. A sturdy backboard is also important to keep the photo in place.

By considering these factors, we ensure we choose a graduation picture frame that is high-quality, appropriate in size, matches our aesthetic preferences, and preserves our cherished memories effectively.

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