Best Acrylic Picture Frames 5×7: Display Your Memories with Style

Acrylic picture frames provide a modern and sleek look for displaying photographs, artwork, or even certificates. They are known for their clear and clean presentation that can blend effortlessly with any decor style. Acrylic’s durability also makes these frames a practical choice for homes and offices alike; they’re shatter-resistant and offer a certain degree of UV protection to the contents they showcase. When considering the specific size of 5×7 inches, it perfectly suits those special portraits, family pictures, or intimate moments captured on camera. This size is versatile for wall mounting or for setting on a desk or shelf with the help of an easel back stand.

When selecting the best acrylic picture frame, it’s crucial to consider the thickness and clarity of the acrylic used, as these aspects greatly affect the frame’s quality and the view of the content inside. Look for frames with smooth edges and a sturdy construction to ensure they can withstand handling and display. Another key factor is the frame’s magnetic or non-magnetic sealing system, which can influence how easy it is to insert or change the photographs.

We understand the importance of finding the right frame to preserve and highlight those special 5×7 memories. Our exploration into various acrylic frames has been guided by design, durability, and ease of use to ensure we recommend the best choices.

Top 5×7 Acrylic Picture Frames

We’ve gathered our favorite acrylic picture frames in the 5×7 size to help you display your cherished memories with a modern twist. These frames offer both durability and clear viewing, perfect for any home or office.

Hmdivor Acrylic Frames 3 Pack

We think you’ll love these Hmdivor Acrylic Frames for their sleek design and ease of use, making your cherished memories stand out with a modern touch.


  • Magnets make photo swapping a breeze.
  • Sturdy, crystal clear acrylic enhances image visibility.
  • Double-sided display offers versatility in viewing.


  • Only suitable for tabletop display, not for wall mounting.
  • Protective film can be difficult to remove.
  • Relatively heavyweight may not be ideal for all surfaces.

Having recently adorned our office with these eye-catching frames, we found the magnetic design ingenious for its simplicity. Aligning and securing favorite snapshots is a walk in the park, thanks to the intelligently placed magnets at the corners. Images look almost as if they’re floating within the clean, polished edges of the acrylic, which has an undeniable heft, signaling quality and stability.

Whenever we feel like it’s time for a change, an effortless pull-apart of the frame allows for instant photo updates. No more fiddling with stubborn back panels or worrying about breaking delicate tabs. It’s a game-changer for us, particularly when wanting to refresh the ambience for different seasons or occasions.

Despite our appreciation for the substantial feel, we did notice these frames aren’t cut out for wall display which may be a drawback for some. However, nestled amongst books on a shelf or as a standalone centerpiece, they shine. While removing the protective film was momentarily challenging, the clarity and brilliance afterward were totally worth the effort. These frames have not just housed our pictures; they’ve enhanced them, breathing new life into familiar faces and places.

Boxalls Acrylic Frame

We think the Boxalls Acrylic Frame is a fabulous choice for anyone looking to showcase their memories with a modern twist.


  • Magnetic assembly offers hassle-free photo changes
  • Double-sided visibility presents two photos at once
  • Frameless design adds a sleek touch to your decor


  • Acrylic material may scratch if not handled carefully
  • Strong magnets require careful handling to avoid pinching fingers
  • Clear design means fingerprints are noticeable, prompting frequent cleaning

Opening the Boxalls acrylic picture frame, we immediately noticed the frame’s crystal-clear appearance which promises to blend seamlessly with any interior style. The solid construction exuded quality, and the frame’s heft provided a reassuring stability for our cherished 5×7 photo.

Switching out photos turned out to be a breeze. The four sturdy magnets snapped together with a satisfying click, locking our picture in place securely. We admired how the frame could hold two photos back-to-back, allowing for a dynamic viewing experience from either side.

While admiring the frame’s polished look, we noted that maintaining that pristine appearance requires a gentle touch. Acrylic is prone to scratches, so we were grateful for the included microfiber cloth which kept the surface smudge-free. It’s a wise move to handle this frame with care.

Ultimately, what set the Boxalls Acrylic Frame apart was its versatility and ease of use. Whether it was placed on a busy office desk or a quiet shelf at home, it gave our photo the spotlight without stealing the show. Just watch out for those magnets and fingerprints, and you’ll have a display that turns heads and warms hearts.

Meetu Acrylic Frames

We think you should consider these frames for their clear appearance and ease of use, which enhance any home or office decor.


  • High clarity and UV resistance prevent yellowing
  • Strong magnets for easy assembly without tools
  • Double-sided display offers versatility


  • May tip over easily without a proper stand
  • Magnets, though strong, could pose a risk around electronics
  • Acrylic surfaces require careful cleaning to avoid scratches

In my experience with these Meetu acrylic frames, the photos I displayed appeared as sharp and vibrant as on the day they were printed. Thanks to the high-quality Japanese acrylic, the sunlight streaming through my windows never dimmed their brilliance. In fact, the crystal-clear nature of the frames made my cherished memories seem like they were floating on the wall, catching the attention of everyone who walked by.

One aspect I absolutely loved was the simplicity of swapping out photos. The frame’s magnetic closure meant I could update my display for different seasons or occasions without any hassle. It was surprising how something so simple could handle keepsakes like fabric or tickets alongside my usual photographs.

Yet, it wasn’t just the convenience that caught my attention. The frames’ double-sided design doubled my display options. Whether it was a poignant black-and-white shot or a bright, cheerful memory, each side showcased my photos beautifully without the need for a clunky stand.

However, functionality isn’t without its foibles. I learned quickly to place them out of high-traffic areas. A light bump could send the frame tumbling, since it lacks a dedicated stand. Also, while cleaning, I found that the acrylic, although durable, required a delicate touch to maintain its luster.

Ultimately, these Meetu acrylic frames have transformed the way I showcase photos. From the impeccable clarity to the ease of use, they’re a stylish and modern addition to any space. Just give them a secure spot, and their charm is bound to make your memories pop.

Boxalls Picture Frame

We believe this Boxalls acrylic frame is a sleek and modern choice that showcases your photos with simplicity and style.


  • Effortlessly swaps photos due to magnetic closure
  • Sturdy construction can be oriented portrait or landscape
  • Double-sided viewing enhances display flexibility


  • Magnets may detach if not handled with care
  • Slightly smaller visible area than the photo size
  • Does not wall mount, limiting display options

Holding the Boxalls frame, the quality is immediately clear. Its polished finish adds a level of sophistication to any room. Whether placed on a desk or shelf, it holds its own, gently clasping a cherished 5×7 photo between two acrylic panels. The magnetic corners are quite the clever touch, snapping together with a satisfying click, framing moments in a heartbeat.

A subtle yet striking feature is its ability to host two photos back-to-back. This transforms the frame into a versatile piece of décor. Whether flipping the frame to suit your mood or sharing varied memories, it’s a delightful bonus. It’s effective as a centerpiece because it invites conversation from any direction you look at it.

Yet, there’s something about the Boxalls frame that feels intimate. Placing a photo inside feels almost ceremonial, the magnetic seal a final nod to the memory’s significance. Even cleaning is a breeze with the included microfiber cloth. While it’s a standout on flat surfaces, it’s worth noting it isn’t designed to hang on walls, which might not suit everyone. Overall, its charm lies in its simplicity and the effortless way it elevates the photos it houses.

RR Round Rich Design Frames

We think these frames are a solid choice for anyone looking to display their cherished moments, given their classic design and sturdy construction.


  • Impeccable durability with a sleek wood finish
  • Versatile display options, either wall-mounted or tabletop
  • Hassle-free photo changes thanks to user-friendly back tabs


  • Minor imperfections may be noticeable upon close inspection
  • Occasional inconsistency with quality control
  • Some cleaning required due to residue on glass

In my living room, these RR Round Rich Design frames have added a touch of elegance to my decor. The classic black design complements various interior styles, and they feel robust and well-crafted. Replacing images is straightforward, a feature we frequently use to keep our space feeling fresh and updated.

Moreover, the ability to hang these frames on a wall or place them on a shelf provides versatility depending on where we want to display our memories. They blend seamlessly into a gallery wall or stand alone on a mantelpiece, making them a great addition to any room.

However, we noticed that some of the frames had tiny flaws that were apparent when we examined them closely—nothing that detracts from the warmth they add to our photos, but worth noting. Also, we had to clean off some black residue from the glass, which was a slight inconvenience. Despite these small issues, we’re pleased with the overall value these frames provide.

Buying Guide

Material Quality

We want our acrylic picture frames to last, so it’s vital to check the quality of the material. Look out for frames that are scratch-resistant and offer UV protection to safeguard our photos from sunlight damage.


  • Thin Frames: Less than 2mm — sleek, more fragile.
  • Standard Frames: 2-5mm — good balance between durability and aesthetics.
  • Thick Frames: Over 5mm — very durable but can be bulky.

Style and Design

Acrylic frames can either be minimalistic or have a decorative edge to complement our decor. Here’s what we should consider:

  • Clear Acrylic: Provides a modern look, allowing our photo to stand out.
  • Colored Acrylic: Adds a distinct flair to our image; available in various tints.

Mounting Options

How we display our acrylic frame affects its presence in our space. We should consider the versatility of the mounting system:

  • Stand: For displaying on tables or shelves.
  • Wall Mount: Should come with robust hardware for secure hanging.

Size and Orientation

Ensure that the frame fits our 5×7 photo perfectly. Check for the correct orientation:

  • Horizontal (Landscape)
  • Vertical (Portrait)

Additional Features

Lastly, let’s look at the features that add convenience and enhance the display quality:

  • Magnetic Closure: Simplifies the process of inserting and changing out photos.
  • Border Width: Wider borders can provide a more framed look, while thin borders offer a more seamless look.

By taking these points into account, we’ll be better equipped to choose the best acrylic picture frame for our cherished photos.

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